Life Update: Hello Hollywood, The South East Side Story

12:27:00 PM

This fall has been extremely busy, finishing up at the business school, leading Her Campus William & Mary, applying for jobs, and fitting in a social life!   Here is a little snippet of what I've been up to most recently-- the William & Mary Global Film Festival's lip-dub creation that paid tribute to West Side Story. Co-directed by Roman Dent and Matthew Sonnenfeld, "South East Side Story" portrayed a TWAMPS (Typical William & Mary Student) vs. Townies conflict.  A huge production team put together this film in just a week before it was shown on the big screen at Kimball Theatre-- I call that a miracle.  It was a great kick-off event for the Global Film Festival (which occurs in February), and the whole community was able to be a part of it.  It was such a pleasure to be able to play Maria in the film with my [now] boyfriend, David Schneider ('10), who played Tony.  
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