How Did I Start My Etsy Store, Begonia Rose Co.?

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I used to joke around about starting an Etsy store if I hit "rock bottom" frustration with the San Diego job market.   However, I didn't actually expect to do it.  I thought to myself, "I'm not creative,"  "I'm not crafty," and "I don't have any good ideas."  But then I started DIY-ing a bunch of stuff for our wedding and I got a lot of compliments on some of the items, particularly the big floral letter "J."

So, hey, I threw the floral letter up on Etsy and came up with "Begonia Rose Co." for my shop. I waited and waited.   Our wedding came and went. Three months later I got an email from Etsy.  I thought they were going to shut me down for inactivity.  But the subject line said, "Dylan, congrats on your first sale!  Here are your order details."  Oh my gosh.  That wasn't supposed to happen! What do I do!?

I went to work on my Etsy sale, a floral letter "R."  And by the time I was shipping the letter "R"  I got an order for a letter "H."   This was getting exciting.   What else could I sell!?

I started looking for floral decor items since that felt like my specialty.  I also walked around Michaels and Hobby Lobby for ideas.  I launched two more items... picture frames and floral mobiles/chandeliers.

No, the floral mobiles aren't some sort of discreet pregnancy announcement.  I simply saw a bunch of mobiles selling well on Etsy and I thought, "hey, these are cool. I bet I could make some that are bigger and better."

And that's where we are today.  I'm working on expanding Begonia Rose Co. and building awareness within the floral decor niche.  I'm learning a lot about SEO and Instagram and finding that maybe this San Diego job market could be a mixed blessing.

Shop the Begonia Rose Co. store HERE!  

And now through 9/30 get $10 off a 19" custom letter with the coupon code "Fall10" at checkout.  You pick the letter (or number) and the color/flower theme!  Shop 19" letters HERE!

Mrs. Dylan Jahraus

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