Winter Hats 101: Tips for Curly Hair, Beanies, and Hipster Hats

3:28:00 PM

Exhibit A: Why "Curly Girls" are afraid of hats.  Rightfully so.   
Tip: The bigger your hair, the bigger your hat should be.   Anyone else think this resembles dog ears?
Exhibit B: Why middle-aged women should not shop at Gap Kids.  
Tip: To avoid the "Yamaka" look, your hat should be large enough so that the edges reach at least the tops of your ears.
Exhibit C: Dirty, outstretched gym sock turned into a stocking cap.  Zac, what are you, a homeless man with court-side tickets to a Lakers game?  
Tip:  Guys, your hat should have some structure... I mean... at least a hem on the edges.   
Exhibit D: Saggy diaper.  
Tip: If you can store things in your hat, while it's on your head, then it's too big.
Exhibit E: Hats are great if you want to hide your thinning hair... but this doesn't work if your sparse roots are peeking out.  
Tip: Your hat should come at least 1 inch down onto your forehead.  See right.
Exhibit G: To end on a positive note, here we see the correct way to wear hats. On the left we have an adorable little Muggle (Harry Potter reference), and on the right we have an example of how details (i.e. 3-D flowers or buttons) can make a hat FREAKIN' ADORABLE! 

When Hat-Shopping, Always Remember:
1. Knit hats are not as flattering on square jaws or round faces.... they are most flattering on heart-shaped faces with pointy chins and button noses.  
2. The best places to get hats are GAP, H&M, Forever21, Old Navy, and Target.  Don't even bother looking at Walmart.  Their hats are garbage. 
3. When shopping, remember, it's OK to try it on.  It's better than getting home and realizing that your fuzzy buttercream hat makes you look more like a dirty Q-tip than a sexy snowbunny.

Happy Thanksgiving!
XOXO, Dylan

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