About Me

Welcome to Modern Wife Life! My name is Dylan and I'm so happy you are here.

My blogging life started 8 years ago when I was studying at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  After a semester at the London College of Fashion and a "character building" summer internship at Marie Claire I realized I would rather keep journalism as a hobby, not a career.

After graduation I landed a great job at Zappos.com at their Las Vegas headquarters in buying and merchandising.  I was blessed with amazing mentors and after a couple of years I had an opportunity to move to Seattle to be a buyer at Zulily.com, a flash sale site targeting moms.  This was where I met my husband.

My husband, Wes, was a Naval Submarine Officer and lived across the Puget Sound at the time.  One day he stumbled upon my blog on Facebook and realized I lived in Seattle, too.   The rest was history.   Check out the post "How I Met My Husband Without a Dating Site" for the story on how we met.

In the fall of 2015 Wesley got orders for shore duty in San Diego. I knew that Wesley was the man God had chosen for me.  In January we moved to San Diego, in February we got engaged and on July 1st 2016 we got married.  And that's how Modern Wife Life was born.

Modern Wife Life represents this new season of life.  Before I met Wesley I was solely focused on plowing ahead in my career.  I sacrificed that when I moved to San Diego (an ecommerce desert) with Wesley.  I had to "rebrand" my identity a little bit.  I was not just a business professional. I was a wife.  I loved the Lord. I was a puppy mama to Bentley.  I was an entrepreneur.  And I had a platform at my fingertips that I could use to reach a few thousand people every day.   I also realized from my Facebook feed that many of my peers were also navigating through the same stage of life.... married, young professionals, creating a home, and starting a family.

Modern Wife Life is designed to grow with us through the years as Wesley starts medical school, as we have children, as we buy our first home, and so forth.  I will cover everything that I think would be helpful and/or relatable to others in similar situations.

Some of the topics include personal style, creating a beautiful home, organization, ways to save money, navigating sticky situations as a married couple, etiquette tips, easy recipes, helpful content for your marriage, creating balance in life, and the occasional advice from my husband!

I plan to post 2-3 times each week, so check back for updates and email me at dylanmaureen@gmail.com if you have any requests.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!!

Mrs. Dylan Jahraus