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Are you considering launching your own Etsy shop but feel lost in a sea of ideas, or perhaps you've already embarked on this journey but are struggling to figure out how to increase your Etsy shop's revenue and average order value or maybe you haven't figured out what to sell?
Maybe you only have one listing that sells and worry that you'll never figure out the secret to selling on Etsy? Perhaps you feel like you missed the moment to create an Etsy business in the past when it was easier to get sales.

If you are looking to grow your Etsy business or take a grouse to learn how to identify a profitable customer and how to drive sales in your shop then my coaching program was created for you. I have taken my background in high volume corporate e-commerce working for companies like Zappos and Zulily and spent the last year developing my course lessons and coaching to deliver strategies that produce sales on Etsy for 1400+ clients all over the world. Check out the Dylan Jahraus reviews if you'd like to see the sales and results of my students.

Setting Realistic Expectations

As you might have seen from a video or two that I post on Youtube-- it isn't rocket science to sell on Etsy, but it is a lot harder than in the past. I like to set realistic expectations when you're on the Etsy journey as part of my course. It's easy to get caught up in the hope of making huge sums of money quickly, especially when you see ads or videos promising just that. However, Etsy is not a "get rich quick" scheme and I cover this in detail in my course lessons and videos.

I have also shared stories of my clients, some who made a substantial profit in a short period, as quickly as one week. However, success on Etsy is not guaranteed to happen overnight. It takes hard work, a consistent posting strategy, and delivering a quality product or digital product that customers will love. Your average order value may start modestly, perhaps with one product that you create just to break even to drive traffic and get data.

But that's just the price of learning about your customers and getting that first sale or two. However, with correct implementation, a well-thought-out marketing strategy, and dedication, your revenue can grow substantially over time.

A Warning Against Laziness

I do warn against the mistaken belief that starting an Etsy shop means you'll be working less. Entrepreneurship is not about taking it easy; it's about putting in the effort to see your business thrive. If you're thinking of starting an Etsy shop merely to raise your profit while working less, you're in for a rude awakening.

Even to sell digital products, you have to spend the time to search for your profitable customer and you don't want to get this part wrong. Part of our course and coaching program is that we will point you in the right direction to target the right clients.

Success on Etsy requires unwavering commitment, consistent action, and simply putting in the hours. Commitment to my Etsy blueprint course and coaching will give your Etsy shop the strategy and details so you don't have to figure it out yourself.

The process itself is more important than fixating on the final profit figure. Entrepreneurs must be prepared for short-term sacrifices if they aim to make a substantial income. This is the cost of creating a life that is free of worry in the long term.

Mastering Financial Management

Another critical aspect that I teach to my clients in my coaching and course is the importance of financial management so that your business has the right prices, a sense of consistency in its sales, and a high cash flow. Simply making money on Etsy isn't enough; you must also know how to save and invest wisely. Without financial discipline, the money you earn can disappear as quickly as it arrives.

I believe that to grow your Etsy revenue and profit, you may need to make some lifestyle changes and this is also what I touch on in my course and coaching. This could include cutting unnecessary costs, eating economically, and postponing expensive outings.

I firmly believes that to achieve success and realize your financial goals, you must learn to save and manage your money effectively. The lessons in this course aren't only about digital products, business, your website, or showing up on the first page of Etsy, but they're also about integrating a high volume business into your life.

Action Over Information Consumption

Lastly, I always like to emphasize that taking action in your shop is paramount. Consuming information, whether from YouTube videos, Etsy ads, or other sources, is only beneficial when it is followed by implementation.

Merely thinking or worrying about your Etsy shop's future won't yield results. Understanding branding, prices, traffic, customers, products and strategy are important for driving sales to your shop and selling on Etsy long term.

I advise against becoming a perpetual learner who never takes the plunge. Success on Etsy hinges on execution and implementation, not passive idea generation. Put your ideas into action and start applying what you've learned. One week or even one month of trial and error is not enough to succeed. One Youtube video or an hour spent trying to figure out pricing won't cut it.

Instead we recommend just putting up a post in our coaching group so we can make you a video about your shop and exactly how to get sales. That is part of what's included inside Multi Six Figure Etsy Blueprint. You can check out the pricing of the course here.

In conclusion, what it takes to succeed on Etsy in 2023 and 2024 is a wake-up call for aspiring and existing Etsy entrepreneurs. While Etsy can be a lucrative platform for your business, it demands a realistic mindset, relentless effort, financial responsibility, and consistent action.

By embracing these principles taught in Multi Six Figure Etsy blueprint, you can unlock the true potential of your Etsy shop and turn it into a profitable venture. It's not just about just getting one sale with one product. It's about the consistency of sales and creating a long term business that can change your life.

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