My first blog! :D

5:11:00 PM

This blog is dedicated to loving the things you love.  It's about having no shame.  Being yourself. Dreaming your own dreams. And making them happen.
I'm currently a student at the College of William and Mary. The College, as I will refer to it, is also known as "academic boot camp" or a "study factory".
No one here is quite what you might consider normal.  There are many types of students, from ones who run from class to class with mom-jeans riding halfway up their butts to ones who occasionally go to class and spend the weekends drinking Naty Light at the fraternity units.  Which one am I? Neither!
I'm at The College to get closer to my dreams.  My dreams of having a career in the world of Fashion or Design.  What do I do at the college then? Why, the things I love!  This blog is all about my day to day life, my ideas, my creativity, and just being Dylan. 

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