Things I Miss About Minnesota

12:46:00 PM

It's October 13th, 2009.  We're on the climb towards the peak of fall.  It's this time of year that I begin to miss Minnesota.

Here in VA it is still  about 60-70 degrees, with the sporadic 80-85 degree days.  It doesn't feel like fall.

I miss Minnesota.
I miss the crisp fall air.  
I miss miss wearing my Northface jackets with my Burberry Scarf.  
I miss wearing boots.  
I miss wearing my hair straight without worrying about humidity or rain.  
I miss going to Friday night football games and cuddling under a blanket.  
I miss my Minnesota hair stylist, the only stylist I trust. 
I miss turning on the heat in my car.  
I miss wearing fall fashion and feeling like it fits in with the environment.  
I miss Halloween excitement, dressing up, trick or treating, watching Halloween movies on Disney and ABC Family.  
I miss petting my horse, Hawkeye, feeling his white fur get thicker as the air gets colder.  
I miss my puppy Ellie, playing in the leaves and entertaining herself as if she needed nothing else in the world.  
I miss Holy Family Catholic High School.  
I miss Von Maur at Eden Prairie Mall - They have the BEST selection of jeans and I can't wait to find the perfect pair over winter break. 

However, I know that come January/February, when MN has 3 feet of crunchy snow and the freezing wind makes you cry, I will feel blessed to be in VA. 

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