Day 14: Need a Vacation?

8:59:00 PM

           Today was the first day of classes.  Fifteen minutes into my first class my phone went off.  It's new so I don't know how to make it silent. I quickly press a random button that I thought would end the call. The phone went silent. Thank God. Oh but wait. "Hello? Dilly? Hello?".... I had put my phone on speaker. Laughter broke out.  Everyone in my class had just met my mother.... 
          Since the first day of classes was somewhat bittersweet, to put it nicely, I tried to focus on all of the places I dream of traveling to once I get through this academic boot camp.
Trip 1: Santorini (where Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed).  
I want to go here, and while wearing big sunglasses and linen pants, sit on the edge of a dock with my man and eat raspberries. 
Trip 2: The Maldives
It would be amazing to stay in one of these private huts that are right over the water. 
Trip 3: Florence, Italy.
When I go here I'm going to barter at a street market for some fresh pink and yellow tulips. 
Trip 4: Cabo San Lucas
For the record, it's not because the cast of the Hills went here for spring break a while back. I imagine taking a boat out onto those turquoise waters, jumping off of rocky cliffs into the ocean, and drinking a diet coke at one of those water bars. 
Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Ah, Someday :)
XOXO, Dylan

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