Day 7: 10 Things I Love

1:46:00 AM

So here are things I'm loving right now... 
1. Marie Claire magazines
2. My cheetah-print Snuggie... idea: wear it like a robe and add a belt 
3. Yankee Candle Factory chapstick in "Cupcake"
4. Carrie Underwood's style/make-up
5. Victoria's Secret bags... it's like a secret little gift to yourself!
6.  Well-manicured eyebrows... I'll post a before/after pic of mine sometime... maybe?
7.  Tights and boots
8. "Fabowlous" hats and headbands for babies (
9.  Those little Juicy Couture jewelry boxes
10. The way my southern boyfriend, Jesse, decides if he likes clothes based upon if they "feel good" (i.e. are soft) :)
XOXO, Dylan
p.s. tomorrow i'll post my Mall of America haul... yes it was my 3rd day in a row at MOA. Don't judge.

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