Finding Love Under an Umbrella

1:02:00 AM

I'm was on my way to class this afternoon, and suddenly I felt something wet on my head. I look up. No birds. Thank God. But, no, it was worse.
The clouds were monstrous and gray as if saying, "Dylan, we don't like you today, and we are going to destroy your straight hair".  I was not having it.
But then, I look up and see this guy walking in the opposite direction with a purple umbrella.  A girl, with no umbrella and no jacket, was walking to his left, holding a book under her sweater. The guy noticed her and held his umbrella up as if welcoming her into his dry little bubble.  No longer strangers, this couple exchanged cute, yet awkward, little side-smiles, began chatting, and continued on their way.
From what I could tell, I foresee a second date :)
XOXO, Dylan

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