5 Tips for Dressing for a Windy Day

2:35:00 PM

Every morning before I get dressed I check the hour-by-hour weather on weather.com.  For the past few days it has said, 50 degrees and sunny.  "It's finally spring", I think to myself.  I slip on a cute little dress and wear it with boots and a sweater.  When I walk out the door of Landrum, my dress flies up and my eyes start watering.  The hour-by-hour page neglected to tell me about the 50 mph winds and 30 degree windchill.  It's like a freezing tornado.  Here are a few tips to combat these chilly, windy days.

1.  Save the dress for another day. Please. Let's not pretend we're Marilyn Monroe.

2.  Sunglasses.  Prevent your eyes from tearing up and mascara smudging around your eyes.  And of course, shades are always sexy.

3.  Stay away from wispy clothing. Wear clothes that have a little structure to them. You don't want to be walking into the wind and have that loose, flowy top of yours sticking to you awkardly and flapping behind you like a flag.

4. A little hair product makes a big difference.  Think of when you are boating in the summer.  If you let your hair fly around, especially if it's curly, you will end up with a fro.  A little smoothing serum or mouse does wonders. And keep a hair tie on your wrist, in case things get really bad.

5. Chapstick. Ok, I know a lot of girls think their "lip gloss be poppin", but under these windy conditions, their "lip gloss be like a sticky trap for blowing hair".  Chapstick is a much better option.

Hang in there, warm weather is just around the corner!

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