What Do I Do When Life Gets Tough? Retail Therapy

2:12:00 PM

So recently, there has been some shocking, tragic things come up in my family that I found out about when I arrived home on Thursday.  While I don't believe in using shopping as a way to cope, I do believe that taking care of yourself plays a big part in feeling better and staying positive.
I'm going to be flying to Florida tonight, and throughout the week I'll be visiting Fort Myers, Naples, and Miami.  I can't wait to shop on the strip at South Beach and also at Florida's Biggest Flea Market in Fort Myers.  What I love about shopping in South Beach and at the Flea Market is that you find things that are not sold anywhere else.  You go back home with one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has.
It's really funny to me when people go on vacation and walk away with snow-globe souvenirs, key-chains, and those 5 dollar shirts that are screen-printed with "I Love Florida".  Unless you're trying to build a collection of shot glasses, souvenir shops seem like a waste.  I'd rather come away from vacation with something that I would use.  This week I'm on the lookout for a hot-pink bikini and fun sandals.  Wish me luck!

XOXO, Dylan

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