5 Ways that Mermaid Hair Totally Works

5:28:00 PM

That's the goal: MERMAID HAIR.  Here are a few pictures that give me inspiration and patience. Maybe it's trivial, but I think it's a fun goal worth working towards :)
Megan Fox kind of looks like she's undressing someone with her eyes here. But regardless, GREAT HAIR!
Love the fullness- sort of that southern belle vibe.
1. Forget this is Miley Cyrus. 
2. Focus on the hair.
Simple, yet sexy and undone.
The only thing I would suggest here is some variation in the color to give it some dimension.  If you have long hair that is all one color, make sure it's at least healthy and shiny. This will give it some dimension too. Otherwise it might look dull/drab.
There we have it... If you're on the quest towards mermaid hair like myself, remember:
Be patient, resist chopping your hair off, and just give it some LOVE aka conditioner and biotin supplements :)
XOXO, Dylan
P.S. Here's the link to the article with more helpful tips!

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