Secret of Forever21: Less Fabric, Lower Costs

6:13:00 PM

Who doesn't LOVE Forever21?  Huge selection, tons of color, and super INEXPENSIVE! Right!?  You can get dresses there for anywhere between $10-$30!  Well, I've been looking closely at their spring collection, and I've figured out how they manage to make a profit with such low prices.  Here is their secret:  When making their dresses, they take shirts and add 3" to the bottom!  It's that simple.  They save their money on fabric.  Here are a few pictures of their so-called "dresses" to illustrate my point. Now tell me if you think that the models could bend over without showing off their flat, little, boyish-butts. 
This looks like a piece of lettuce. A very small piece of lettuce.
I can already hear my dad.... "Where's the rest of it?"
I see London, I see France...
I wonder if the owner of Forever 21 is a pedafile? ... 
Is it just me, or do her legs look plastic??
What happens when the wind blows?
 I call this look, "Victorian Prostitute".
 I think you dropped something. Oh you can't pick it up? 
Oh lovely, this one has some extra butt coverage in the back. 

Thank you, Forever21, for teaching young women how to dress. I never knew this whole exposed-booty thing was such a hott trend.
XOXO, Dylan

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