20 Little Things I Love (You Might Love, Too!)

3:07:00 PM

1.  I love sprinkles.  They are so pretty and cute, and they instantly make anything taste good.
2. I love it when you're supposed to be writing a big paper and it starts to thunderstorm.  It's the perfect excuse to stay inside and get it done.  You don't feel like you're missing out on being outside.  The pitter patter on the window seems to help me focus too.
3. I love v-cuts. I hope ya'll know what I mean. If not click here.
4. I love it when you're washing your hair, and as you run your hands through it, you feel like it must have grown 3 inches overnight.  It's the best feeling, especially if you're trying to grow your hair long.
5. I love it when the perfect song comes on the radio.  It fits your mood. It fits the moment. It was meant to be.  Then you crank up the volume, roll down the windows, slip on the stunna shades, and sing your heart out.  Sometimes you'll even sit in the car until the song is done because you want to finish it. :)
6. I love it when a guy hugs you, and you feel so little and safe in their arms.
7. I love it when you're at Sadler or the Caf, and as you're about to leave, one of the cute little ladies sets out a tray of cookies, warm and fresh out of the oven.
8. I love putting my hair up after a long day.  It makes your neck feel so good.
9. I love surprising people with rap lyrics out of no where.  It's fun to throw people off when they assume you're some girly girl who only listens to Taylor Swift.
10.  I love it when you're walking by someone and they look you in the eyes and smile.  It's so simple, but it's super cute.  Makes you think about them for the next, like, 60 seconds.
11. I love it when a guy puts their hand in the small of your back.
12. I love it when I get one of the rare and few parking spots on Landrum Drive.  I instantly feel like I have accomplished something great.
13. I love that I have had an A.C. in my dorm this entire year without the required doctor's note. We're resourceful ;)
14. I love it when people can take sarcasm. A sense of humor is rare and beautiful.
15. I love finally using up a bottle of lotion that you've been trying to use up for the past year.
16. I love walking out of the airport when you arrive someplace you have never been before. It's such a rush.
17. I love riding on the back of a motorcycle/jet-ski/snowmobile of someone that you trust.
18. I love waking up on summer mornings, immediately putting on your swimsuit and heading to the beach.
19. I love seeing guys pick heavy things up.  Like when they man-handle a heavy box or push a car or something.  Entertaining. Kind of a turn on.
20. I love those God moments.... When you just know that God is at work.

3 Days Left of Classes!
XOXO, Dylan

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