8 Fashion Tips For Guys From a Girl's Perspective

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Keep in mind.. this is only my opinion.  Every girl has their own preferences and ideas about men wear... whether or not they will admit it.  But here we go... What Dylan thinks about guys' fashion!

THE #1 Sexiest Look on a Guy:
A guy once told me that he finds women to be most beautiful in Soffe shorts and a T-shirt, with her hair pulled back.  Similar to this, I find guys most attractive when they're wearing athletic shorts, and a T-shirt, with a baseball cap propped on a handsome head of short, clean-cut hair.  To me it says... they are not fussy, they are relaxed, they are active/athletic, and they are 100% man.  But that's just me.

Let's be real... it's not practical to live in this relaxed get-up 24/7.  When it's time to step up your game, and perhaps, step into some "real" clothes, consider these tips:

1.  DO shop with your sister, girlfriend, or female friend.  
Shopping with your mom is fine too... if you want to risk looking like a hottie from the 1980s.  It's usually best to get an opinion from the age-group of women whom you desire to attract.  
2.  DON'T dress like a Hollister, Abercrombie, or American Eagle model.  
Once you graduate from high school, consider yourself graduated from dressing head-to-toe in these cookie-cutter clothes.  Those stores make it too easy for guys to get dressed.  Everything goes with everything.  Think for yourself.  Try out department stores, T.J. Max, and Marshalls for inexpensive alternatives and MUCH more variety. 

3. DO try out that 5 o'clock shadow.  
Unless you have red-facial hair, you really ought to try out this look.  Some guys look sexy and rugged, and some guys simply look messed up... like a pubescent boy in need of a razor.
4. DON'T wear choker necklaces. 
If you're going to wear a necklace, first, I would hope that it is either sentimental or religious.  Secondly, avoid the short, choker style or anything that you could have purchased at Ron Jon Surf Shop.  
5.  DO step up from T-shirts that say things like "Budweiser" or "Vote for Pedro".  
Invest in some plain V-Neck t-shirts for a more mature, casual look.  (Note: V-neck highlights your pecks and shoulders better than crewneck... it helps give you that "V" upper body shape).  I think that crisp white and charcoal gray are super sexy.  And no, V-necks are NOT "gay".
6. DON'T wear clothes that are too tight or too short.  
If your shirts or pants are too short or too tight, it suggests that you are trying to wear the same clothes that you wore when you were a freshman in high school.  Furthermore, it suggests that you have not grown very much since freshman year of high school (um, not a good thing*)... or perhaps that you like the feeling of tight clothing (again, questionable*).  
7.  DO wear baseball caps.  
Idk what it is about baseball caps, but honestly, what a turn on.  Keep in mind- you want to look like a hot guy, not a 6 year old at a baseball game.  Here is how to wear a hat the right way:
First, don't wear it tight against your head.  You WILL look like a Q-Tip.  Instead let it prop up on your head more.  Also, tilt it slightly up on your head or cock it to the side a bit.  It makes a world of difference. 
Second, try wearing it backwards... ow owwww! give me a fan, this look is too hot!  It kind of says "bad boy".  Girls will love it.   A super smooth move is flipping it backwards if you are going to kiss a girl.  Don't make it too obvious.
Last, if your hair is an awkward length where it flips out under the hat,  it definitely subtracts sexy points. 
8. DON'T be afraid to support your team. 
Girls love to see that you are passionate about something.  No matter how much we may complain about watching the game with you, we secretly think it's really attractive and masculine of you.  I love it when guys wear t-shirts that showcase their favorite team.   

That's all for now!  Remember that none of this is factual... just my thoughts.  Let me know if you have any more requests!
XOXO, Dylan

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