Dating Q: How young is too young?

12:31:00 PM

We all know a "Cradle Snatcher"/ a "Cougar"/ etc.....  a.k.a. that twenty-eight year old, bombshell-blonde, high school biology teacher who makes an obvious effort to  make her flirtatious relationships with her male students seem inconspicuous.  She always wears tight pencil skirts and her shirts always seem like they should be closed 1 more button than they are.... and it's not by accident. You get my drift?  Her male students love her, and her female students love to hate her.  
This concept goes both ways.  Here is a simple rule that my cousin, Mary Therese, taught me about dating and the social acceptability of age ranges.  

GIRLS: (Your age - 7) x 2 = The maximum age for a guy you would date. 
GUYS: (Your age divided by 2) + 7 = The minimum age for a girl you would date. 

Agree?  Disagree?  I think it's a pretty good rule of thumb if you are between the age of 15-30.  

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