How to Win Over a Girl's Heart

12:59:00 PM

1. Walk her to class, even if it's out of your way. 

2. Bring her a treat when she is studying. 
3. Wait for her outside her class as a surprise (creepy? cute? it depends).
4. When you find yourself thinking about her, text her.  It will show that you care. 
5. Write a note on a page in one of her school notebooks for her to find later.
6. Take her shopping.  
7. Tell her that her booty looks really good in those pants/shorts/etc.  
8.  Try to be the stable and easy-going one in the relationship.  
9.  Eat whatever food she makes for you.... even if it looks like dirt. 
10. Occasionally call her "beautiful" in another language. 
11. If she has been moody lately, remember this phrase, "Let's get ice cream". 
12. Tell her you want to hold her.  
13. Pull her close and dance w/ her. Bonus points if you spin her in and dip her. 
14. Stop by to see her on your way back from the gym.  Sweaty = Sexy. 
15. When she is stressed, pull her into your lap and say, "Hey, it will be okay, I got you."

Basically... Be the guy that every feminist hates.  

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