Celebrity Hair Drama Before & After: Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, and more!

6:37:00 PM

 My heart just died a little bit.  The androgynous look does not suit her well.  I'm never watching Harry Potter again. 
 Ok, Kim's bangs are definitely not real. Do you see the sharp line of the clip-on bangs? Eh, I'm not feeling it.  Clip-in extensions are just asking for an embarrassing disaster.  Can you imagine- a pelt of hair flapping on your forehead?
 This is a tough call- which look do you like better? I would say that the lighter shade might wash her out a bit, but she really makes both colors appear very natural- her colorist deserves a hug and a kiss!  
 This trim took Miley Cyrus from "Disney Channel" to "Bravo."  It represents her personal growth.  I'm liking it.  However, one can argue that this new "do", along with her exploding bustline, accompany her attempt at a new, sexified, "Can't Be Tamed" image. 

Let me know what ya'll think!

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