3 Must-Have Shoes for Fall & Winter

12:23:00 AM

1. Thigh-High Boots.  Hello, sexy mama!!! These are the "go-go boots" of the 21st century.  I can totally imagine tromping the streets of London in these bad boys, with a cute skirt and some fun tights.  P.S. I am on the lookout for a pair with no heel and black suede.
Low Cost Alternative: Wear thigh-high legwarmers under a pair of boots that you already own (see picture).  It gives the illusion of thigh-high boots, and you'll still get the "sexy mama" effect.
Pick: Aldo had a great pair, but the bargain-hunter in me is still looking for a better price.
2. Oxfords.  
These totally remind me of the movie, "The Little Princess", when the orphan, Sarah, is running down the streets looking for her father.  Oxfords might seem a little too fashion-forward for some, but I know they would be perfect for London, paired with tights, and shorts or a dress.  My favorite part: Because you can wear a really, really low sock in them, your feet won't make them reek like they might with a ballet flat.  Hey, I think about these things so you don't have to, okay?  I'm trying to decide between a two tone (black and creme), black, or medium brown leather.
Pick: Aldo has great options for about $50 (leather).  Journey's has some for $30.
3. Riding Boots.  Since I grew up riding horses, I already own these.  Mock versions of riding boots can be found in every department store, however, if you want to spend less money for better quality, look on eBay for an authentic pair.  The fake boots are good, but they will break down within two years, and can potentially look like cheap, baby-food-orange plastic. Side Note: Don't even try stuffing your jeans into riding boots unless they are super thin.  You're better off with, you guessed it, tights.


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