October Favorites: Fashions, Food, and Music

2:58:00 PM

Favorite Fashions All-In-One Photo
1. Burberry Scarf
2. Leopard Print Umbrella (it rained a TON here this month)
3. Over-the-knee boots from T.J. Max ($44)
4. Coach Convertible Canvas Cross-Body bag (tan/brown)
5. Forever21 Flower headbands ($2.98) 
(*NOT worn as a single outfit out in public)
Favorite Foods: 
1. Sugar-free Jello in Raspberry (40 calories per box!)
2. Baby Carrots (Trader Joes for BEST taste and BEST value)
3. Crystal Light- Metabolism + Green Tea Peach Mango Mix 
Favorite Perfume: 
1. Pure Seduction from V.S. (day)
2. Black Amethyst from Bath and Body Works (hot date nights)  
Favorite Quote: 
(While I was up late studying for a test) 
"You got this, and I got you" -Jesse Jordan
Favorite Song: 
"Love is Here" by Tenth Avenue North

Hope you enjoyed this!
By the way, can you believe tomorrow is November 1st?!

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