#1 Wardrobe Necessity: The Shift Dress

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If I had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, it would either be my boyfriend's sweatshirt or a shift dress.  Shift dresses are perfect for every season, every occasion, and every body type.  Let me explain.

1. Shift dresses are perfect for shopping.  They're easy to whip it off/on in the fitting room.
2. You can wear them to both church and a nightclub- how versatile, right?!
3.  Shift dresses are perfect for travel!  Think about it: an entire outfit in 1 piece of cloth.  Talk about packing light!
4. "Winterize" the dress with tights and a scarf.
5. On rainy days, these dresses show off your obnoxious, colorful rain boots.
6. Women of all ages can get away with the shift dress, but, moms, pay attention to length.
7.  Shift dresses are constantly on sale, since they're made for every season.  Most of mine were between $3-$20.  That's right, $3.
8.  If it feels "too short," buy it anyways.  You can always wear it over leggings... as long as it covers that donk.
9.  If it only comes in an XXL, you should still buy it.  Cinch it in at the waist with a thick belt.  I do this all the time.
10. If you're feeling really adventurous check out the maternity section.  Again, just belt that sucker.  And cut off the labels.
11. And guess what?.. Men LOVE dresses! They symbolize femininity a.k.a. they bring all dem boyz to da yard.
12. They're perfect for "fat days." Forget trying to squeeze that booty into skinny jeans.  You gotta be kidding.

XOXO, Dylan

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