5 Celebrity Hairstyles that NEVER Look Good

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 Come on Kim, this isn't Star Trek. The "antenna braids" will not look good on ANYONE.  Placement is key, especially when doing two braids and a middle part.  Instead of pulling the braids straight back to the crown of your head (which creates the illusion of a pointed crest on the top of your noggin), keep them closer to the sides of your face.  It's MUCH more flattering.
J Lo is a little off here.  When doing a bun, you have to go a little high or a little low.  The worst placement for a bun is straight back from your eye level.  That is the thickest part of your head (from back to front), so it emphasizes an unflattering shape.  And personally, I think it looks like someone stuck a shiny, carmel-colored hair ball on the back of J Lo's head. 

Slicked back hair = BP oil spill on your head.  This hairstyle leaves me with a few questions.  What would happen if she flipped her head upside down?  Would all of the dry hair underneath get stuck to the top of her sticky head?  Would nothing shift?  And is the glob of product coating her scalp flamable?  I know Megan Fox is a total sex bomb, but let's be real, this hair is NOT. 

Oh, the bouffant.  What is there to say about this, except for, well...  its not cute. It is only flattering if it is the perfect height and shape for your head.  The likelihood of accomplishing the right bouffant is ZERO.  So save yourself the time, and don't even try.   It kind of resembles the flat-top style from the 80s. 
Last but not least, I think Lauren Conrad has achieved the most "alien" look possible.  It's a cross between an alien and a Smurf.  The absence of a part on Conrad's particularly oblong head only adds to her head's egg-like shape.  I would have liked to see a twist or something to visually break up the slick, blown-back, "whoosh" look. 
XOXO, Dylan

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