17 Winter Romance Tips

1:41:00 PM

1. Light candles, always.  Even if you're both writing papers, eating dinner, or playing Snake on facebook.
2. Have a friend take Christmas pictures of you two together.
3. Rent snowmobiles for a day.  General Rule: Your man will feel like a man if you give him a powerful machine.

4. Look through old photos of when you first started dating.  Remember why you're together.
5. When it's snowing outside, text: "Let me come hold you."
6. Buy matching flannel pajamas, and wear them together around the house. 
7. Start gymin' it together.  He can lift while you do cardio... then come together for some 1-on-1 basketball and an ab workout at the end. Sweaty = Sexy. Right?
8. Go bowling on the bowling alley's discount night. 
9. Make your sweetie a snuggly pancake breakfast.  Eat while watching cartoons and looking out the window at the pretty snow falling.  Extra points for heart-shaped pancakes.
10. Wear mittens and hold hands.  It's a surprisingly intimate experience. 
11. Go to church together. Hold hands during the service.
12. Take your man to a hockey game. 
13. Go people-watching at the mall a few days before Christmas.  It's fun to see the frantic last-minute shoppers, especially the husbands who have NO idea what they are doing.
14. Find a local skating rink.  Pretend you are a professional pairs couple. 
15. Slow dance to Frank Sinatra. Candles all around. 
16. Spend an afternoon making Christmas cookies/bonbons together to package up to give to your friends.  It's very couple-y.  Two easy recipes: Oreo Truffles and Buckeye Candy.  Put in mini-muffin wrappers (at all grocery stores), package in Christmas tins from the Dollar Store.  
17. If you really need more excitement in your relationship, go driving in a snowstorm.  It's all about doing things that are memorable
I can already feel the love tonight. Can you?

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