Life in London: Anne Klein Heels of Hell

6:18:00 PM

$109 Anne Klein Ankle Booties on sale for $33 at Von Maur. 
These little devils almost killed me today.  I clocked the distance, and I walked 4.4 miles.  It was my first time wearing these heels.  What was I thinking?  I had 1 class today and an interview following it with Georgina Goodman, a very successful luxury shoe designer, who is "the future of footwear" - Manolo Blahnik.

My comfy black Keds didn't exactly fit the image of "luxury shoe designer."  I knew I had to wear the one pair of heels I brought to London.  That is when all hell broke loose in the world of Dylan.  I found myself trucking down Oxford street atop a skinny 3.5" platform heel.  Mobs of people were pushing.  Cars seemed to be playing a game called, "Hit the Pedestrian."  Creepy foreign men selling scarves were pulling you in for business ... and your phone number.  Did I mention it was raining?

Anyways... 1) The interview went great, 2) I'm getting better at walking in heels, and 3) Georgina Goodman has some AMAZING shoes.  I put my favorites below.  Check more out here.  

Have a Dolly Day,

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