J'aime Paris! 4 Reasons Why I Love Paris

8:03:00 AM

What a fabulous trip to Paris!  
I can safely say that I like it better than London.  

There are several reasons for this...
1. People seem less likely to require anti-anxiety medication.  Unlike London, people don't run down the streets as if they just robbed a store.... or killed somebody.   Rather, they stroll with a lighter step, observing people around them and capturing beauty with eye contact.
2. The streets are walkable.  In London, walking down Oxford Street is like swimming up a stream of spawning salmon.  You have to be careful not to get swept away in the current, or hit on by a man selling scarves.
3. More joy?  Or more bread?  Maybe it's all of the Parisians walking around happily knawing on 2 ft long baguettes... versus the Londoners who hastily chug Starbucks coffee as they push you aside on the sidewalk.   Maybe it's just me.  I sensed a difference.
4. It feels like a watercolor painting... everywhere you look.  The accents of gold applique and black rod iron emphasize the opposing softness of the pastel colored buildings.  Not to mention, the interiors of the beautiful mansions like this one -- the Carnavalet museum.

I've now been to two of the fashion capitals in the world: London and Paris.... next stop, Milan?  Perhaps.

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