3 Tips from the Man of Style: Paul Michell

4:06:00 PM

His musical talent isn't the only thing that Paul Michell is becoming known for.   This dapper 21 year old is also a man of style.  Michell spent a year in England and currently lives in the Twin Cities.  Here are a few fashion TIPS for you fellas to take away from Paul:  

1. Sweater vests will give you the pecks you've always wanted.   Paul doesn't suffer from this problem, but some guys' chests actually cave inwards.  If you are dealing with this issue, and try on a sweater vest. It will do wonders!
2. Lightly distressed, dark wash jeans that ride lower.  Honestly, boys, if you're still wearing your old bleached jeans that rise up to your belly button, it's time to get with it.  Paul says, "I love jeans from Express.  They feel good, they fit right, and they look good!" 
3. Fun sneakers say, "Hey baby, I'm easygoing."  Check out Paul's Converse sneakers.  Paired with jeans or trousers, these shoes are a GREAT go-to option for that man with a little edge.  Whatever you do: Stay away from loafers with tassles.  They say, "I'm 65 years old, still single, and I wear a diaper."

Check out Paul Michell's site: www.myspace.com/raddamichell  
He's going to be playing a show on March 13th at Big V's in St. Paul, MN.  This is his first gig where he'll be doing ALL ORIGINAL music along with the national touring band, Jettison Never (hailing from Tennessee!)
I love this guy, his music and his style.  Check him out now.  His music is addicting! :)


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