11 Ways to Tell if Your Hair is "Long"

8:47:00 PM

1. Your hair takes over 5 minutes to shampoo and condition.
2. You use up your hair products faster than you use up your body lotion.
3. The amount of hair that falls off your head in a single wash is enough to clog the drain... and scare your boyfriend.
4. You have become a professional at not letting your hair go down the shower drain.  (Comment below with your tricks for this!)
5. Your hair gets caught under your arm pit.
6. You wash your hair at 8 a.m. and it dries by noon... if you're lucky.
7. Your ponytail is strong enough to be considered a weapon.
8. When you go in for a special treatment (i.e. highlights or a keratin treatment) they charge you extra.
9. No one can out "whip" your hair at the club.
10. You break ponytail holders like nobody's business.  In fact, you don't even get scared or jump anymore when you hear the *snap*.
11. You could be at a topless beach, yet totally covered.

I wrote this because I'm so excited to finally have long hair.... after my mother had the stylist give me a boy cut at age 4.   To say it was traumatizing is an understatement.  I love you, mom! 
Comment below with more long-hair-isms! 


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