Fitting Room Failure: No Mirrors Inside the Room

6:48:00 PM

Minnesota has a clothing store called "Heartbreaker."  There is 1 thing that I cannot stand about this store-- There are NO mirrors in the fitting rooms!  You have to come out of the fitting room to see how something looks.  Did I mention, the fitting rooms open right into the main floor of the store?  Personally, I wait in the fitting room until I hear the customers' voices outside dissipate... then I quickly scurry out and get a glimpse in the main floor mirror.   
The worst part is that Heartbreaker always has a fitting room attendant waiting right outside your fitting room, totally unoccupied, with nothing to do but judge you.  And she ALWAYS says something about how the clothing looks on you.  Whether it's positive or negative, she will give you her opinion.  And since this fitting room attendant is probably about 16 years old and not a fully-socialized adult, her face says it all.  You can feel the weight of her judgmental eyes.  It's terrible. 
If I look in the mirror and realize something looks bad on me, the last thing I want to hear is, "Yeah, you're right."  And if I like the way something looks, I don't need a stranger to tell me something is "slimming."  It's like, what are you trying to say-- do you think I look fat otherwise?  
I assure you that this awkward design discourages many customers from even trying clothes on.  Come on, Heartbreaker, you're losing sales!
Dissappointed Dylan

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