Why I Love Not Camping....

2:43:00 PM

1. The happy feeling you get when someone tells you that you "smell good."
2. The way your hair feels in the shower after you rinse off the conditioner.
3. The feeling of climbing into crisp, cool, clean sheets.
4. The way that the sunshine streams into your window on spring mornings, as if its saying "Hello, sweetheart."
5. The feeling of getting out of bed and stepping barefoot onto plush, textured carpet.
6. How a clean, smooth kitchen floor inspires you to cook like Martha Stewart.
7. There is nothing more fun than cracking eggs on the edge of a big bowl.
8. Toilet paper.  It's a great invention.
9. How guys look after they shower when they put on athletic shorts and a T-shirt.  It's like the Axe body spray commercial-- you just want to maul them like a bear.

Don't get me wrong-- I do appreciate camping... for about 1 night. :)  What about you?  Comment below!

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