25 Things I'm Excited to Do in Virginia

9:41:00 AM

1. Jamestown Beach & Virginia Beach
2. Baseball games
3. Lay out by the pool.
4. Peking Mongolian BBQ on Bypass Road!  Best. Buffet. Ever. 
5. Text people back.  Hey it's my first time really texting since January. 
6. Make a french silk pie.
7. Declare my International Emphasis 
8. Bring a pizza to the beach at night
9. Queen Anne Dairy Shack
10. Movie - the Lincoln Lawyer
11. Bowling!
12. Spend long mornings at the rec center 
13. Terracing w/ friends. 
14.  Make pancake breakfasts for my man 
15. Doing dishes.  Give me a break, I haven't had a chance to do them in nearly 4 months. 
16. Fold laundry!  Again, it's the simple things :)
17. Learn how to make a rainbow cake. 
18.  Crash the ballroom dance classes with Prof. Rushforth. 
19.  Write articles for Her Campus. 
20. List some of my furniture on Craigslist... anyone see Craigslist Killer?
21. Prep for grad school entrance exams
22.  Throw the football w/ Jes in the Sunken Gardens
23.  Study up on fashion designers for my summer internship
24. Research potential companies I'd want to work for 
25. Make macaroni & cheese-- the Rugrats shapes only :)
What else?
A very American girl 

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