Friday @ Brighton Beach, UK

6:11:00 PM

 My friend, Morgan, and I took a train to Brighton today!  It was gorgeous-- 60s, sunshine, and sparkly waters. 
 Tons of young people at this beach.   Interestingly enough, the beach was all pebbles (no sand!).  The locals laid on the pebbles without towels or blankets!  AND some left their socks on!  See the girl in the very front/left.
Some of the fabulous fashions at Brighton Beach.  See my post below which I titled, "Is that a diaper?"

 The gorgeous pier. 
 Morgan on the pier in her bright yellow cardigan from H&M! 
I love carousels.  I love how they look.  I love how they make children smile.  And most of all, I love how they make for a romantic date.

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