20 Things People Don't Do Enough

6:00:00 PM

1. Exfoliate your feet.  Come on, people, it's called a pumice stone.  Or if you're like me, a cheese grater.
2. Trim your nose hairs.  Just because you're blonde doesn't mean you're hairless.
3. Kiss your mom on the cheek.  Just. Do. It.
4. Buy new summer flip-flops.  Yes, people notice when the foam bottom is tearing.
5. Brush your dogs hair.  I promise it will make your dog feel more confident and beautiful.
6. Clean out the bottom of your purse.  Are you saving those cracker crumbs for a snack?
7. Look UP while walking.  This is so simple, but so often forgotten.  You miss out on so much when you're focused on the ground.
8. Take photos.  Oftentimes, the only way to preserve a memory is through a photo.  You never know what might happen some day.... in a simple moment, an accident, you could lose all of your memories.  For my sister, Colleen, nothing happens unless you take a picture of it.
9.  Wash your throw blankets.  I don't know about you, but whenever I cuddle up with a blanket at a friend's house, I wonder when they last washed it.  People forget. They do.
10. Exchange loose coins for cash.  You'd be amazed at how many dolla billz the pennies on the floor of your car add up to. 
11.  WEAR your favorite pair of underwear.  Comment below if you're like me and "save" them and don't wear them as often as you should.
12. Look for skin cancer spots.  I had one removed last Thursday on my back.  Now I have a lovely little hole on my back.
13. Brush your tongue.  Have you seen the Orabrush commercials???
14. Wash your Nalgene water bottle.  I bet people clean their toilets more than they clean their water bottles.
15. Clean your ears.  Honestly, the worst thing is to look at a guy and be distracted by the huge chunk of earwax protruding from his ear canal.  He might as well stop talking.
16. Make dandelion bouquets.   When I was a littlie girl my sister and I would make dandelion bouquets for the teenage boy who mowed our lawn.  Hey, he mowed the lawn shirtless.  We felt like we owed him something.
17. Send "Thank You" cards.  Honestly, there is nothing like the good ol' fashioned pony express.  It's twice as thoughtful as an email.
18.  Apply.  Apply.  Apply.  Nowadays, you have to apply to 30 jobs to get 1 job that you want.  It's not easy to tailer so many cover letters and resumes, but the hard work will get you places.  One summer I applied to 27 internships.  NEVER expect to get a job you want if you only apply for 5.
19.  Rub your friend's shoulder.  When stress hits, sometimes all people need is a little back rub to ease their tension.  Think of your mother's touch-- so light, yet so powerful.
20. Pray.  Because while praying doesn't always change circumstances, it ALWAYS changes people.

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