21 Ways to Be More Girly

11:41:00 PM

Why be more girly?  More like, why not?? 
1. Stick a bow in your hair.
2.  Offer to carry your boyfriend's wallet in your purse when you two go out.... without the intentions of spending his money.
3. Add a glitter topcoat over your nail polish.
4. Get a few fake flowers from the dollar store to put in a vase beside your bed.  Best part-- you'll never have to change the water.
5.  Stop swearing.
6. Learn how carry a tune... even if you can only sing one song.
7. Kick your smoking habit.
8. Bake cupcakes for your man and his friends.
9. Put rainbow sprinkles on everything you eat.
10. Put all of your perfumes on a plate or tray on your dresser.  Instant Glamour!
11. Look at cute pictures of babies in tutus.
12. Read tabloids.
13. Write in cursive for a day.  Bonus points if you use a gel pen.
14. Wear your CUTEST undies.... read more in my post on 20 Things People Don't Do Enough. 
15.  Tie a ribbon bow around you cat or dog's neck.
16. If you have curly hair, define a few curls with a curling iron... If you have straight hair, smooth out the top with a flat iron.  You will look instantly more polished.
17.  One word-- pigtails.
18. Always offer gum to your friends when you reach for a piece.  Guys rarely do that.
19. Guys have their friends over for pizza, wings, and beers.  So, have your girls over for a dessert and tea party!
20.  Glowing skin.  With the seemingly endless array of skincare products (I'm partial to the Forever Flawless brand), taking care of your skin should be a no-brainer.  Soft, supple, and glowing skin is an instantaneous way to appear more feminine.
21. Put umbrellas in all of your drinks.  Milk? Gatorade? Water?  Doesn't matter.

Clarification: I do not believe these things will make you more girly, but I do believe they can impact how you feel.  

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