The Next Trend: Hiking Boots & Sundresses

10:12:00 AM

Before interning at Marie Claire in NYC,  I expected to be surrounded by socialites in  sky-high, expensive heels & Michelle Obama-worthy, sophisticated dresses.    

Upon arriving at the internship I was introduced to a fabulous new trend-- clunky work boots paired with frilly sundresses.  

The only time I had seen this look was when my mom would feed our horses before church and doesn't want to get her cute shoes dirty.  Who knew my mom was so trendy?

Through careful observation I have [sarcastically] picked up on 5 things that [apparently] make this trend work:

1) Don't lace up the boots.  Instead let the tongue flop and the laces drag on the dirty asphalt.

2) Add some poo to the sides.  It's all or nothing, girls.  They need to look well-loved.  I don't mean simply rubbing your mom's prepackaged potting soil on the boots-- authenticity counts.

3) The dress should be excessively girly-- perhaps from the Juniors department.  Extra points for lace, chiffon, and spaghetti straps.  

4) Shave your legs--or not.  It's really up to you.  It's all about awkwardly clashing femininity & masculinity.  Consider getting a butch haircut while you're at it... or growing out your armpit hair.

5) Clunk... loudly!  There is really no better way to emphasize how trendy you are being... it's about standing out and making fashionistas jealous.  So shuffle those boots loudly, ladies!

What do you think of this look?  Will you be rockin' it this summer?

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