15 Things Your Man Should Always Do.....

11:00:00 PM

1. Kiss your forehead unexpectedly.  

2.  Support you and encourage you in your passions. 
3. Carry you through your storms....corny, right?  If your man runs for cover whenever the rain comes, then he certainly won't make it through the tornados. 
4. Stop and cherish those perfect moments..... instead of rushing past them.
5. Lay next to you on the beach and not get bored after 10 minutes. 

6. Just kidding. Pushups with you on his back are not necessary, but hey, would YOU complain?
7. Stand behind you through everything-- including when you're teary-eyed from watching Teen Mom. 
8. Be strong when facing a sea of uncertainty.  
9.  Make sure you always have a clean place to sit, even if that's his lap. 
10. Play games with you (physically, NOT mentally). 
11. Balance his life and his relationship without dropping the ball. 
12. Always offer you a helping hand.  He needs to be the 1st ambulance on the scene, not the 4th. 
13.  Let you wear his hoodie on chilly summer nights.  Read Why Girls Love Guys in Hoodies and The Key to a Girl's Heart: Your Sweatshirt. 
14.  Avoid dating your friends.... check out Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale.
15.  This has NO relevance whatsoever.  But two words: JUSTIN BIEBER!?!?!?!? Omgoodness where is his babysitter?

I hope these resonate with you...
And I hope you see fireworks this 4th of July in YOUR life. 

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