20 Photo Highlights of Summer 2011

1:05:00 AM

1. Visiting Minnesota and catching up with Sarah and Paul. 
2. Interning at Marie Claire in Manhattan, NYC!
3. Chinatown bus from NYC to Virginia.  Completely. Sketch.  Probably a drug trafficking operation.
4. Spending my last 36 hours in NYC running around the city with my boyfriend. 
5. Living in an NYU dorm... briefly. 
6. Minnesota Twins game with Mom.
7. Cheering on my sister at her Special Olympics Track Meet. 
8. Visiting Grandma with my dad. 
9. Hitting up Lake Calhoun with my girl, Britnie. 
10. Seeing Sarah Palin and her family at the Mall of America. 
11. Celebrating my sister's 23rd birthday.
12. Going to Redstone with my dad and sister. 
13. 4th of July. Family. Lake. Enough said. 
14. Visiting Virginia Beach with my boyfriend, his twin brother, and his parents. 
15. Cheering on my nanny boy and girl at their swim meet. 
16. Moving into my new house. All. By. Myself!  Lots of work, but I did it. 
17. Participating in an advertising campaign for Truvia sweetener. 
18. Finding the place my boyfriend carved our names (freshman year) into a tree outside Blair Hall.  Time flies. 
19. Moving the boyfriend into his dorm.  Or, um, watching. 
20. Walking my little Darby on Mondays-Fridays.   

I love summer. I can't help but think this may have been my last summer without a real job.  I guess this is a good thing. Still, it puts things in perspective.   Don't you think?

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