Let's Go Tribe-- Tribal Fashions for Fall

6:38:00 PM

I never knew how I felt about Tribal fashions until now.  At the beginning of summer, I felt like they were slightly out of place.  The colors and textures didn't exactly scream "pool party" or "fun in the sun."   As fall arrives, however, the "trend tables" have turned. There's something about leaves, pumpkins, denim, and football games that seems more inviting to the earthy tones and natural elements in Tribal Fashions.  Check out some of my favorite looks.   
Perfect for a fall festival or photoshoot at the pumpkin patch. 
I love this for a night on the town.  It's lightweight and breezy, perfect for warmer September evenings. 
Mind the roadkill on her head.  This top is really cool!  I'm betting Forever21 would have a cheap duplicate.
If you are from Texas, then this top is for you.  I love the pimped out longhorn on the front.
I'm not sure what's on the shirt (the model looks just as confused).  Nonetheless, add a gold or suede cuff, and you are a stunna.
What an awkward sandal.  Humph.  I'm intrigued.
This gold feather necklace is made by Nicole Richie's  line, House of Harlow.  Any PETA junkies out there?  Lucky for you, the feathers are fake.
I don't care if you think these are more "drag queen" than "tribal" because I think they're HOT.   
Let's go Tribe!

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