Fall Fashions I'm Loving

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Nautical with a mix of equestrian babe.   Super cute with some skinny jeans. 
I LOVE the billowy loop scarf in coincidence with her messy updo.  Wearing your hair up with a scarf is very flattering, as it draws all attention to your face. 
LOVING the flared jeans-- so 1970s.  Find jeans like these from the Buckle.  Remember that store?  They have jeans in every wash and cut that you can imagine.  My favorite "flares" are Silvers. 
Maybe it's just me, but I think somebody forgot her pants this morning!  Regardless, it's a gorgeous tunic from H&M.  All it needs is some skinny jeans, and it would be a winner. 
To Do: Buy a denim vest before the end of summer.  Seriously, these vests are so versatile.  You can throw them over any dress or skirt/top combo as an alternative to a cardigan.  Do you have "Michelle Obama" arms?  Then a vest is a MUST for you.  Forever21 has them!
Maybe you don't have Michelle Obama's arms, but you are bored with cardigans.  Then a long sleeved denim shirt is perfect--- roll the sleeves up and belt it.  Trust me, belting it is key-- unless you want to look like a poor disheveled artist living on the streets... then leave it unbelted. 
Love the combination of black/white and denim (see the first photo on the top).  These high-waisted 1970s jeans are very flattering.  When looking at high-waisted options, choose a pair with a FLAT front, rather than a pair with noticeable pockets.  We want to accentuate your waist, not your hips.  
Love to shop the sales racks?  Pick up some of the L, XL, XXL cardigans that are always leftover and wear them as tunic cardigans over dresses.  Very relaxed and effortless.  Again, belt it sistah.
I hope you just laughed. 


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