What these Men are REALLY Thinking

10:37:00 PM

"Maybe this hood will add a couple of inches."
"I've got this girl all figured out, and she doesn't even know it."
"I feel really stupid right now." 
"Ummmm are her armpits soaking wet or did a sprinkler go off in her shirt?  Awkward.  I should set her down."
"Mmm the 'casual' lip bite.  Yeah buddy. If I was a girl I'd be so turned on right now."
"This girl is such a mess."
"I'm trying to make the sensitive face.  Because I'm a sensitive guy."
"Ahh why is Chat Roulette so boring today?  Ladies, where you at?"
"I wonder if they can tell I'm just an Italian kid from New Jersey."
"I look good, I feel good. This hunter is going home with Bambi's mom."
"Maybe if I turn my head to the side I will look more seductive."
"There's a hot girl... on my lap... kissing my forehead.  #Lifeisgood"
Who cares what Brad Pitt is thinking.  We ALL know this look. 


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