10 Simple Things Girls Want From You

12:33:00 PM

1. She wants you to know that is she is quiet.... see below.  And you better well know which one it is. 
2.  Cute shoes + Bare legs + Wintertime? You'd better be strong-arming her over that snowbank. 
3. You respect her.  She'll respect you.  Don't insinuate you are "whipped."

4.  Smile and take the darn picture.  Just do it.
5. Twirl her around and dance with her spontaneously.
6.  Don't give her just any eye contact, but legit eye contact-- you know the difference.

7.  Provide her with spiritual accountability, NOT shame
8.  Forehead kisses.  They never get old.
9. Give her that extra 10 minutes to get ready. 

10.  Be her teammate... have her back, be encouraging, and have fun together. 

What else do you want ladies?  What have I forgotten?

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