How to Wear Your Hair with a Chunky Scarf: Do's and Don'ts

6:52:00 PM

Whether you're hiding the Christmas-cookie induced double-chin or simply trying to stay warm, chunky knit scarves are all the rage for January.  Some people think they look like a neck-brace, others think they're the hottest fashion since jelly shoes.  Personally, I think chunky scarves are both stylish and functional, but buyer beware-- THINK before you style your hair.  

Let's be real.  Chunky knit scarves double [and sometimes triple] the radius of your neck.  Sometimes they span all the way to your shoulders. You might as well strap a pillow to your neck.  Don't get me wrong, it's a very stylish pillow.  Nonetheless, it creates the dilemma of how to style your hair.  Do you leave it down and wrap the scarf around it?  Do you pull your hair out and lay it over the scarf?  Do you pull your hair up?  Half up?  Help!?  This dilemma is the main reason why many women own chunky scarves but never wear them.   Ladies, I'm here to help.  The proof is in the pictures. 

1. DON'T wear your hair down and under the scarf.  It will make your neck itch like crazy.  Your body's heat and perspiration will make your hair kinky.  Your jawline will be even less defined than before (how many chins do you want, really?).  And lastly, every time you turn your head, your hair will pull out from under the scarf and create a Princess Leia bulges on the sides of your head. 

2. DO wear your hair up and off your neck.  Notice the difference.  When you wear your hair up and off your face the scarf effectively frames your face and draws attention to it.  The scarf acts like a necklace.  Not to mention, the scarf will not be rubbing your hair all day-- no more frizzy bed-head!



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