Steve Madden Pumps + my 1st eBay Adventure

7:19:00 PM

Today at a local thrift store I saw the most adorable "holla-at-me" Steve Madden pumps.  And let's just say, ohemgeeee, I holla'd.  Green is one of my favorite colors, and if I could have two shades of green in one pair of shoes, then by all means, here is my credit card.  These Steve Maddens were in perfect condition, real leather, and probably worn once.  I could picture how cute they would look with crisp white shorts or a little black dress.  The color-blocking sucked me in.  And most importantly they reminded me of two of my favorite things: 4-H and lettuce.  How perfect, right?  Not quite.  I wear a size 8.5 in heels.  These were an 8.  As I felt the other sharks, I mean thrifters, waiting for me to put them down something came over me.  I don't know if it was spiritual or hormonal or what, but I couldn't bare watching some old lady walk away with my hot green Maddens.  So... I bought them.  

Now what?  I have been hearing about all of these fantastic "you won't believe what I sold on eBay" stories, and I thought I would give it a go.  I think these Maddens deserve a totally glam, lovely owner with size 8 feet, and I want to help them meet their match. Call me a shoe "matchmaker." And if this goes well, hey, I might start my own little eBay hobby!

Here is the listing if anyone is interested!  Until next time, happy thrifting!  



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