30 Things Worth Smiling About

4:38:00 PM

1. Siblings that color coordinate.

2. Watching your dog go barreling into a lake.

3. Seeing a couple make each other laugh in public, lost in their own world.

4. A dad playing football with their son in the driveway.

5. Babies wearing jean jackets. 

6. When your best friend calls you out on something because only they know you that well.

7. Kittens massaging you with their paws, alternating their feet. 

8.  When your start your car and your favorite song just started playing on the radio. 

9. Seeing the "Welcome to _(insert your state)_" sign. 

10. All of those Proctor & Gamble commercials featuring American athletes going to the Olympics.  Oh hey, Ryan Lochte.  

11. Seeing a dog smile. 

12. Going through US customs after living abroad.

13.  When your hair appointment coincidently falls before a date night, girl's night out, interview, etc.

14.  When your favorite machine at the gym is open.

15.  Waking up naturally 1 minute before your alarm.

16. Getting invited to an event that you didn't expect an invitation to.

17.  Sweet old couples that give you unwarranted relationship advice.  Even cuter if they are strangers.

18. Watching a toddler eat birthday cake.

19. Children giving you a signed yearbook photo.

20.  When you walk outside and it's the same temperature as it was inside.  Woah, sweet.

21. A boyfriend that goes out to the car for you when you forgot to bring in your shoes, make up, etc.

22.  Sitting in a movie theater while the movie you have been DYING to see starts to play.  It feels so content.

23. Catching your guy watching you while you get ready.

25.  When your french braid looks like a french braid and not a rat's nest.

26.  Free shipping.

27.  Free shipping AND Free returns.  Shout out to Zappos!

28.  Seeing your mom talk to the family dog.

29.  Thinking you were on a treadmill for 20 minutes when it's actually been 40 minutes!  Look at chu, miss fitness. 

30.  Getting a hug or a kiss on the cheek from Colleen Bridget (see right).  She is my 23 year old sister, who happens to have a brain injury, happens to be the cutest thing since fuzzy slippers, and who happens to give the best, most heartwarming hugs and kisses.   Get some!

Hope you Smile (and "Like" my FB page!),


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