True Life: The Way Guys Approach Girls via Online Dating

3:44:00 PM

Let me preface this blog by stating that online dating is not only for losers.  Okay, now I feel better.  JK.  But really, the focus of this post is not why I have recently dabbled into online dating.... that is for another post.  Rather, today's post is about the guys who are on these sites making embarrassing attempts to woo the female race.   Anyways, enjoy the free entertainment below.  And no, I did not respond to any of these atrocious pick up lines.

My conclusion:  The guys above were on free online dating sites.  Comment below if you'd like to know which sites are good/bad.  I predict that the sites that cost money might have more intelligent, serious, quality guys.   I hope so.  If I see another self-taken photo of a guy half naked in his bathroom mirror, I just might feature him on All Dolled Up.


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