13 Ways to Revive Your Relationship

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It's a new year, but maybe not a new relationship.  Maybe you have been together for 6 months, or maybe you have been together for 6 years.  Regardless, things can get stale.  The is the perfect time to freshen up your relationship.  It won't come easy, and both partners have to want the relationship, but revitalizing things will bring you a new wave of growth.   That's why I've put together 13 ways for guys and girls to splash some life into their relationships in 2013.  

1. Do the unexpected.  
 Open her car door.  Leave him a sweet note.  Light some candles.  Actions speak louder than words.

2. Bring a sweet surprise.  Ladies, very few guys can turn down their favorite homemade cookies.  And gentlemen, depending on how confident you are in the kitchen, you might just want to pick up her favorite candy at the store.

3. Guys, check out her Pinterest for ideas on ways to "wow" her.   Did she "pin" a cool recipe?  Gather the ingredients one night and suggest making dinner or a sweet treat together.   Did she "pin" a pretty necklace?  Valentines Day is just around the corner.  Problem solved!

4. Ladies, don't forget to build his ego.  Has he been working hard at the gym?  Tell him you notice. Better yet, show him!  All guys love a good back massage.

5.  Take a road trip to someplace new!  New experiences create new memories.  Sometimes a change of scenery can really spice things up.

6. Establish new mini-traditions together.   It's easy to develop inside jokes and "special spots" at the beginning of a relationship, but eventually we settle into patterns.  Find new places and little traditions that you can call your own.  Ex: Starbuck's Sundays, new malls to people watch at, a new place to go dancing, a new sports bar to watch the game.

7. Be a team.   Work on a goal or a project together.  Think about training for a competition or race together (i.e. marathon, tough mudder, or a 5k).  Redo a room in your house together.  Throw a dinner party together. Notice the common theme?  Togetherness. 

8. Involve outsiders.  It's easy to fall into the pattern of just hanging out with each other. You may have started neglecting your friendships.  Your friends might start to resent your partner.   This is the time for a fresh start.  Organize double dates.  Organize parties for your friends.  Initiate group activities.  Your friends will appreciate it, and it will help create a balanced relationship in the long-run.

9. Try a new restaurant.  You probably have favorite "go-to" spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Try a new restaurant that neither of you have visited.  Look up local reviews or ask around to find out what other people recommend. 

10. Take a class together.  Learn!  Now maybe you're a power couple who is simply amazing at everything, but I feel like there's always something we could learn about.  Whether it's a trapeze class, a wine 101 class, or tennis lessons-- LEARN something new together.

11. Recreate a first date.   Do you remember those first date jitters?  Ladies, remember how long it took you to do your hair?  Guys, remember how much thought went into picking the restaurant (or maybe not)?  Each of you should plan a "first date."  This is purely about thoughtfulness.

12.  Share a resolution together!  Do you both want to work out 3x a week?  Cook at home more?  Lose 10 pounds?  Travel to Europe?  Come together, push each other, and make it happen!

13. Read the book, "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts". It's beyond helpful to understand how to communicate love to your partner in the way that they best receive it and understand it.  We automatically show love how we want to be shown love.  This book shows you how to love them in the way that they feel loved.  If you don't feel like reading it, at least research it online.

Love you!


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