Big Week: Trade Shows and Surgery

2:08:00 AM

This is simply a BIG week.  Holy buckets.   This week is my first time going to the shows in Las Vegas where I'll see a lot of my brand reps.  It's really fun to meet people, see all of the booths, and view the product for Fall 2012.  But, since it's only a 3 day week there is a lot of work to catch up on.  Then, tomorrow night I have to get blood drawn, and on Friday at noon I'm having surgery on my nose and tonsils.  I am excited to get the surgery over with, but I'm kind of nervous.  Let's just say I don't handle medical things very well.   I actually faint when they take my blood pressure taken because I over-think everything.  I know, I know, it's pathetic.  I've been around hospitals so much with my sister, but it's always been like this.  Everyone says the recovery period for an adult tonsillectomy by itself is tough, but I'm 100x more nervous for the blood test and the IV part.  I hate fainting. I hope that this week God gives me the bravery of my sister.  This is going to be crazy.  I've never seen someone faint.... maybe I could get it on film and post it.  That might actually make this funny. 



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