6pm.com Modeling, Great Sales, and St. Patrick's Day!

11:08:00 PM

If any of you have not visited 6pm.com, you need to get on that like ASAP!  6pm.com has great deals, hot brands, and awesome new sales every day!  Keep your eye on the homepage and sign up for daily emails to get access to these ridiculous prices.  And you just might see someone you know, winkwink.  
Don't forget to shop tomorrow's St. Patty's Day $17 Sale--- everything in the sale is 17 bucks, baby.  You can't beat that.   Set your alarms--it starts at 6:00 am!  
AND, as if the crazy good prices on 6pm.com weren't enough....if you ever want a 20% off friends & family coupon, shoot me an email at dylanmaureen@gmail.com.  I'll hook you up.

Lots of Love,

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