Goodbye Beetle.

4:16:00 PM

Yesterday I gave up my first car, my 2001 VW Bug.  It was so much sadder than I expected.  I remember buying her when I was 16 with my mom.  I remember blasting music out the windows as I drove away from school on my last day of high school.  I remember packing her full of my belongings driving her out to the College of William and Mary in Virginia.  I remember hitting my first animal while driving her-- a raccoon in West Virginia.  I remember driving her to the mall in countless snowstorms.  I remember driving her around the deserted Chesapeake Bay area after the hurricane. I remember driving her during tough times with family and relationships-- she was a good companion.  I remember driving her back to Minnesota from Virginia after college graduation.  And I remember driving her out to Las Vegas with my mom for my new adventure at  She has been so good to me, and I will miss her.  I will miss walking out to her in the mall parking lot.  I will miss getting honked at by other VW bug drivers.  I will miss seeing kids smack each other as I drive by, mouthing "slug bug, no backs!"  I will miss her.  But as my boyfriend told me, she was a good car for me during those times, when I was in high school and college.  Now it's on to the next chapter with my new car, a Hyundai Elantra.  Let the adventures begin.

Remembering the bug's life....
Driving with my sister when I first got the bug.
Driving the bug from MN to VA for college, 2010.
Stopping in West Virginia.
We always packed it full for those cross-country trips.
Injured after hitting the raccoon in W. VA.
College living.
Keeping it gangsta in the bug. 
Driving home from college with Lauren, VA to MN, 2 days!
When the tree fell on her after a hurricane in VA.

Graduation weekend at William & Mary with my cousin!
All packed up to drive home from college alone!
Goodbye Virginia!  Back to Minnesota! Longest drive of my life...
Packed and ready to move to Las Vegas!  
Welcome to Las Vegas! She made it!
Bombing around Las Vegas in the bug!
Saying goodbye to the bug, 4/27/13.


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