50 of the Best Feelings Ever

4:57:00 PM

I'm constantly reminding myself that life is about the little things.  The little moments.  The little gestures.  The little looks.  If we keep waiting for the "big moments" to come and make us happy, then we miss out on the little moments that can propel us and lift us up each and every day.  Here are some of my favorite feelings ever.

1.  When you feel the warmth of a puppy that falls asleep in your lap.

2. When you walk into your house after being away and smell pure "familiarity."

3. When you feel the paws of a kitten massage your arm or leg.

4. When you are the most prepared person in the room.

5. When you pull on your favorite shorts from last summer for the first time....and they fit the same!

6.  When you leave the gym after a workout and see all of the people coming in who haven't done their workout yet.  You're done!

7. When you go to a store and they have 1 left of the top you want in your size. It was meant for you.

8. When you bake cookies for someone and they can't stop eating them.  Success.

9. When someone says, "Your teeth look really white today."

10. When your manicure lasts more than 1 week without chipping. 

11. When your heels are hurting your feet and you remember you have your trusty flip flops in your car.

12.  When your date texts you 1 minute after the date ends.  You've got them interested.

13.  When you wake up 1 minute before your alarm goes off. 

14. When you fill up your gas the day before prices jump up.

15. When your parents tell you they are proud of you.  (This might be #1.)

16. When you get your oil changed and for once they don't recommend that you replace the brakes, the timing belt, and oh yeah, the engine.

17. When someone introduces your as their "best friend."

18. When you fit perfectly in someone's arms.

19. When you eat a salad that actually leaves you satisfied.

20. When you schedule a hair cut/blow out right before girls' night out. Coincidentally... of course.

21. When a little kid climbs into your lap and gets comfy.

22. When you're walking and you get a whiff of a flowering plant.

23. When someone is comfortable enough to confide in you.

24. When you use a new chapstick for the first time.

25. When you get your updo right on the first try.

26. When you make a bouquet of flowers from your own garden.

27. When your pancakes come out as perfect circles.

28.  When you're not wearing eye make up and can rub your eyes without hesitation.

29.  When you're able to use a difficult experience you've been through to help someone else.  Everything happens in your life for a reason.

30. When someone asks you for your recipe.  Score.

31.  When you take your car to the auto shop and they wash it for you. Surprise!

32.  When you pin a photo that you originally took and someone else re-pins it.   You trendsetter, you.

33. When you and your best friend coincidently show up wearing the same outfit.

34. When your hair starts to lighten from the sun-- it's summertime!

35.  When you are driving to the ocean and you see the first glimmer of water miles away.

36.  When you take a step back after mowing the lawn and admire your work.

37. When your cookies turn out chewy, not crunchy.

38. When no one sits next to you on the airplane.

39.  When you realize you forgot your cell phone before pulling out of your driveway.

40. When you meet someone that reminds you of your mom.  So comforting.

41. When you're ready to go to bed and your bed is made from the night before.  You feel like you'll sleep better just because of that.

42.  When you park in between two really expensive cars-- it's a guarantee that the person won't scratch your car with their doors.

43. When the barista goes crazy with extra caramel drizzle.  Not your fault.

44.  When you're at the mall and realize it stays open an hour later than you originally thought.

45. When you sleep through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom.

46.  When your phone cover matches your outfit.

47.  When little girls ask you to do their hair.

48. When you go to bed and can rest easy knowing exactly what you'll wear tomorrow.

49. When the Starbucks Barista greets you by your name.

50.  When you look up and see a handsome man watching you with a big smile.


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